Wine Spectator - The $20 Challenge

Thrilled with this mention for our Trellis Cabernet Merlot from Matt Kramer on Wine Spectator...
"How about a really luscious, beautifully made (my shorthand for "no apparent oak") Margaret River–grown red wine blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot for US$11 (AUD$15) a bottle?
If I had tasted Amelia Park Trellis Cabernet Merlot Margaret River 2013 blind, I would have guessed (wrongly) that it was a supremely ripe Loire Valley red of really fine quality, as it displays the sort of crisp acidity and lovely flavor definition that Loire reds can offer, but is riper-tasting than many Loire wines. (A really good blind taster would then have concluded that such ripeness indicated that it couldn't likely be Loire Valley and moved on to a better-educated guess.)
Did I buy a case? What do you think?"
Check out the full article on Wine Spectator…/Matt-Kramer-20-Dollar-Wine-V…

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